BuildingCraft L.C.

BuildingCraft was formed with the intent of providing qualified work which incorporates unique knowledge of preservation, restoration and adaptive re-use of historic properties. We work with sub-contractors who are skilled in the preservation field to protect important historical properties and residences. BuildingCraft has worked on historic civic, commercial and residential properties and can handle work from masonry repairs to window rebuilding, as well as electrical upgrades, woodwork refinishing, painting, façade renovation and roofing. We welcome the challenges that preservation brings and work to bring properties back to the former charm and character that they once possessed.

BuildingCraft L.C.
(Preservation Contractor)
1148 Briggs Drive
Bountiful, UT 84010
BuildingCraft L.C.
BuildingCraft L.C.

BuildingCraft L.C., a general contracting company based in Utah, was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing expertise in the field of construction with an emphasis on the preservation and adaptive re-use of historic properties. Since its inception, BuildingCraft has continued to focus on providing its clients with quality craftsmanship and an attention to detail. The ability to confront and conquer the unique issues dealing with historic building repair, remodeling and preservation, has provided skills which also adapt well to general remodeling in both commercial and residential projects. BuildingCraft has worked on several commercial and office remodeling projects up to 207,000 square feet in size. BuildingCraft’s employees are trained in several trades including framing, finish carpentry, painting, window rebuilding and repair and masonry. For more information contact BuidlingCraft's managing member, Wallace A. Wright, III "Tri" today.



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