Landmark Services, Inc.

The team at Landmark Services has been working on old homes and community buildings for over 20 years, bringing traditional craftsmanship together with today’s best practices and building technologies... seamlessly blending original details with new work. We love old buildings, too. And we hope it shows.

Landmark Services, Inc.
(Preservation Contractor)
326 Washington St. Anx.
Wellesley Hills, MA
Landmark Services, Inc.
Landmark Services, Inc.

When Landmark Services was born in 1991, the idea was simple. Mark Landry wanted to work on the buildings that you mentioned when giving directions. "Take a left at the old saltbox.", " It’s two doors down from that gorgeous Victorian", "Right next to the Unitarian church”. Special buildings. Landmark buildings. When Mark signed himself up for his first post-graduate courses in historic preservation over two decades ago, it was a major departure from the pre-med track he had been following. Before long he had tracked down a reputable local builder and convinced him to let a kid with no experience join the crew to get hands-on exposure to the concepts he was exploring in academia. As he tells it now: He was hooked. And Landmark Services was born. At Landmark Services we are grateful every day to work at something we love, and looking forward to seeing what the next 20 years has in store!



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